Tips for Success

Job success

Job success doesn't stop once you've secured a part-time position. There are some steps you can take to maximize your work experience to ensure that you get the most out of your part-time job. We have provided some resources below to help you think about how you can more effectively balance your time and optimize your learning from your experience.

Balancing your time

While you work part-time it's important to remember that you are also taking courses. Finding a balance between the time you need to study and work is not always easy. Consider determining how much time you need for your classes before deciding how many hours a week you would like to work. Don't forget to consider the other activities and commitments you might have. The Week Snapshot on the left can help you visualize how much time you are spending on various activities throughout the week to help you manage your time better and consider how well you are finding balance. If you are curious about what your weekly income would be with the hours you have to work each week, consider using our earnings calculator on the right to help you visualize this.

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