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The Learning and Earning Podcast is hosted by students for students. We discuss different types of employment opportunities, tips on a successful job search, and the benefits of gaining work experience during college.

Sit back, relax, and see where other students are in their job-search journey and maybe get a tip or two along the way.

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Recent episodes

S5 E3 | Senior Stride: Steps to Success

As the semester winds down, the buzz of graduation is in the air, stirring a mix of excitement and anxiety among many seniors. The dreadful question of “What comes next?’ hangs heavily over the soon-to-be grads. On this episode of the Learning and Earning Podcast, Danielle Nguyen, a senior student, joins us as they share their highs and lows of their college journey and  what the future has in store for them and their careers. They will also share some tips and tricks for getting around campus. View the transcript for this episode here.

S5 E2 | Sneak Peek Into The Intern World (feat. Margarita Gonzalez)

Applying for internships can be really stressful. As college students, many know the struggle of the application process and how it can be mentally exhausting. On this episode of the Learning and Earning Podcast, junior college student, Margarita Gonzalez, shares her experience in successfully acquiring an internship at Honda. She will offer insights into the strategies she used to get accepted into the company and provide advice on obtaining an internship.  View the transcript for this episode here.

S5 E1 | Employment Expedition (feat. Janna McDonald)

The job search process is not for the weak. It comes with a lot of challenges even after the search is over. On this episode of the Learning and Earning Podcast, IUPUI Director of the Office of Student Employment shares her personal job experiences from her high school days up until now, offering advice on how to successfully navigate the job market, thrive in your role and make the right transitions. View the transcript for this episode here.

S4 E8 | The Graduates (feat. Emiley Mills)

As you approach commencement, what are your plans for the future? Who will you become? In the season 4 finale episode, learn from a graduating student her next steps into adulthood and tips for others on how to navigate the next chapter of their lives.

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