Aliyah Smith

Check out Aliyah Smith, our September featured student employee! She is a pre-business major and is pursuing an event management certificate. She is also the event management intern for Academic and Career Development.

Meet Aliyah

What tips do you have for other students who are searching for a part-time position?

"I would say, do research on something that you are interested in or something that is in your major of interest. Really start looking at and think about your hobbies, what you are good at, and what you are interested in. Start googling internships and jobs that were in those categories. Also, talk to someone that is in or was in the position that you are thinking about applying for. Look on [the job board] Handshake because there are a lot of part-time, full-time, and volunteer work that you can get on-campus and off-campus."

What tips would you provide to other students on how to get the most out of their work experience?

"I would tell a student to ask questions, do not be shy to take initiative on a task/project, do research, look up how things were done in the past to see how something was done to see if you would want to keep or change something."

What advice would you give someone who is trying to gain experience for their future career?

"Always think about how you can make yourself and the business better. You are going to be working close with co-workers, and I think that [making] sure you are always on your best behavior will help. You never know who you are going to be working with; being well-behaved might get you into a higher position or another job."

Description of the video:

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALIYAH SMITH: My name is Aliyah Smith. I'm a sophomore. My major is Business Management. And I am the Events Management intern.

I have enjoyed meeting new people and working with others. Also getting to learn more about campus and the campus events going on. And getting the experience of being just in college.


Well, this experience has helped me because I have decided to get a certificate in Events Management. It's helped me, I guess, make that decision learning the different steps and what it takes to be in the background of planning events, be it catering or working with others.

JENNIFER SCHOTT: Yes. I'm Jenn Shott. And I am the Director of Career Planning here at Academic and Career Development in University College. And I have worked here and in this unit for the past 17 years.


She has been a crucial component of the work that we've been doing. Since her arrival in February, obviously, we worked most of the time virtually. And she-- just being able to pick up and go with it, being virtual, and beginning in a new environment and in college being new to her.


I would say, well, her resume was very well written. But also, her very calm demeanor. She definitely, I think, does bring calm to us. And so, in the interview, I had noticed that right away.


ALIYAH SMITH: I think one is getting the Student Employee of the Month. And also completing working on Career Week. Because I know that's like one of the major events happening on campus, because it's a week long.


JENNIFER SCHOTT: Yes. So, in being able to, like I've said, work in the virtual world and not having met us in person, was excellent. But her ability to organize and prioritize. And also just hone in on the details. With event management, there are lots of details, a lot of tedious work. And she's been able to definitely help support us in that and complete these tasks and projects. And actually helped with a week-long statewide conference. So that was great. That was early in the summer. And now is working on Fall Career Week, which we've been planning since about April.


ALIYAH SMITH: I think only thing is communication. I'm kind of like an introvert until you get to know me. So, I'm working on talking to people in person and on the phone and being a lot better at communicating over email.


JENNIFER SCHOTT: Yeah. I think I mostly supervise professional staff and then graduate level interns. So I really enjoy supervising undergrads. And I think, for Aliyah coming on and during COVID times, I think part of it was she had not even really been to campus yet.

And so, there were some things that I was talking about. And she said, well, I'm not sure where that is. And I thought, no. You wouldn't know that, would you? Because you haven't been here.

So reminding me that obviously, the campus still being new to her, yeah, she's done great job in connecting with campus partners and whatnot as we work through Fall Career Week.


ALIYAH SMITH: I think most, it's getting hands-on experience before making actual decisions on getting the certificate. And one of my friends actually did the internship before me. And she actually liked it. So that encouraged me even more to actually apply.


JENNIFER SCHOTT: Yeah. So the position, Aliyah's position actually ends, the internship ends in December. And so, we'll hire someone to start in January that runs from January to December.


ALIYAH SMITH: I'm on the [INAUDIBLE] Rowing Club. It's been pretty well at first. The first year [INAUDIBLE] is kind of awkward and at a standstill because of COVID. But in the springtime last year, we actually traveled to Illinois and Wichita to compete. And this year, hopefully, we'll be able to travel more with some places opening back up.


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