Barry Smith

Get to know Barry Smith, one of OSE's February 2023 Student Employees of the Month! Barry is a student in the School of Engineering and Technology, majoring in computer and information technology (CIT), and works as an IT intern with the Indianapolis Colts.

Learn from an expert

What tips do you have for students interested in a similar industry to help make them stand out?

Do not give up. I applied to two other internships and got denied for both, which got my hopes a little bit down. I then saw the internship with the Colts, and I applied, which turned in my favor. It was one of those things where I felt I deserved what happened, and I guess it was meant to be. I'm glad that I kept trying and that the other internships turned me down.

What tips do you have for students to help them get the most out of their work experience?

Do your due diligence outside of school because it's kind of hard to just rely on what you learn in school—you have to take initiative and do your research. Try finding a niche that you are interested in and hone your skills onto something in your professional work experience. Also, learn to be available and do whatever it is that is needing to be done.