About me

A huge part of my life is videography. Ever since I was younger, I've always had some sort of video camera in my hand! I started out by making YouTube montage videos about fun vacations or events and then I moved into making vlogs. Now I do a mix of both using Instagram Reels. I chose my major because I love the strategic ways that we can use technology to communicate with the public, and I want to do that in my future job! Another great fact that everyone should know about me is I'm an identical twin!

Why I chose IU Indianapolis

When choosing IU Indianapolis, I was looking for a school to transfer to. I chose IU Indianapolis because it's closer to home and an easy place to transfer to. This school has made the transfer process so easy. Another reason I transferred here was because I loved the liberal arts school on campus! It has many different classes we can take to get our degree. I have also always wanted to live in the city and this campus has given me the best city life experience!