About me

I am an alumna of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. I was born and raised in the Indianapolis area until I moved to North Carolina as a teenager. I stayed in the south through college and the early years of my career path at various institutions of higher education. My master’s degree is in counselor education, and my love of student employment came from working in housing and residence life for many years. I was always involved in recruiting, selecting, and training resident assistants. During my free time, I am an avid Mickey Mouse fan and always have an annual trip to Disney World! I love to spend time with family, make crafts, and enjoy time on the beach or waterfront.

Why I chose IU Indianapolis

I was very interested in coming back to IUPUI [now IU Indianapolis] to work in the Office of Student Employment. Having always worked while enrolled in college, I knew firsthand how important and impactful those experiences and relationships could be. IUPUI [now IU Indianapolis] provided me a location that was close to family and home where I grew up and has a strong culture of learning. I knew that the next step in my career journey was to focus on student employment as a learning opportunity, and at IU Indianapolis, students can do this as a prominent college experience. It has been a great nine years, and I can’t wait to see student employment continue to grow!

My first college work experience

I had worked weekends for Kay Bee Toys since high school; however, my first job as a college student was in the summer of my freshman year at Fast Food Merchandisers, a subsidiary of Hardee’s corporation. I had a position in accounts receivable and was in charge of recording the number of pigs purchased for processing, along with some other acquisitions. In addition, once a day I traversed the office complex and visited the meat processing plant for mail delivery and pick-up. I learned quickly that accounting was not for me. I needed a position that would not be stagnant in the everyday tasks. I liked variety and the on-your-feet thinking to find solutions.